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Cioccocrusco’s new (multilingual) site is online!

The wait is over: Cioccocrusco’s new site is online, and now it is finally possible to buy the bars created from the union between Senese Cruschi Peppers and Swiss dark chocolate.  

The Cioccocrusco site is in Italian, German and English

A multilingual platform – in Italian, English and German – where you can find out many interesting facts about this unique product: we have prepared in-depth articles, interviews, videos and photographs to present and explain all the details of such an original chocolate.  

Six sections, each describing the world of Cioccocrusco.

In addition to finding out “What is Cioccocrusco?“, a section dedicated to the product’s origins and how it is made, the new site lists all the ‘physical’ points of sale. Being an e-commerce business, the bars can of course also be purchased online, with delivery throughout Europe in a maximum of five working days. In addition, each order is carefully placed inside protective packaging to preserve its flavour, while ensuring the bar’s integrity.

Would you like to become a partner of Cioccocrusco?

We are partners with professionals in the industry, with whom we share both a gourmet philosophy and a real passion for this profession. To continue expanding our network of collaborations, there is a special section on the site with a form created especially for those wishing to include Cioccocrusco on their menu.

You can also find Cioccocrusco on Facebook and Instagram

The official Facebook and Instagram pages are already up and running so you don’t miss any updates on Cioccocrusco  events and news.

If quality, passion and professionalism are at the base of our product, we also wanted to aim high with our site, to let you buy (and taste) Cioccocrusco at any time and from anywhere in Europe.  

…And don’t worry: we’re already getting ready for the rest of the world!

Cioccocrusco: the world of gastronomy meets that of art

A master chocolatier prepares his raw materials in the same way a painter spreads the colours on his canvas. Physical commitment inevitably intertwines with emotional investment…

The result? Matter and colour blend inseparably, giving life to a unique and inimitable idea, precisely because the passion of the gesture can lead to amazing results.  

For Cioccocrusco, the world of gastronomy has united with the world of art, and the work of the Lucan artist Sante Muro is proof of this. From 10 February to 16 March, in fact, Matera will host his exhibition “Woman“, a true visual journey through the world of female beauty.  

The event is at “Caffè Vergnano 1882“, at Via del Corso 78, where for over a month you can admire 15 of Muro’s paintings while enjoying Cioccocrusco itself.

In Matera, the exhibition by Sante Muro: “Woman”

According to the artist, born in 1978, it is “a new creative direction” whose objective is “to explore the world of female beauty, through small paintings” of nudes and faces, done in acrylic pastes – acrylics added to other materials, such as quartz.

A tactile kind of painting, with the use of primary colours in addition to black and white: “The paintings are all very bright, with very rich colours,” explained Muro, “that transmit energy through both texture and colour, precisely to show the primordial beauty of a female face, without the mediation of lands or particular colours.”

A ‘revived’ exhibition for the limited edition of 25 signed artistic Cioccocrusco bars, whose wrappers have been created “with amaranth acrylic brushstroke and by affixing the symbol ‘#W‘ with a watermark of the silkscreen work,” with a print of the same painting, used as a poster for the exhibition, inside the package.

In this case more than ever, therefore, art and gourmet chocolates reflect each other, and are found in the material and production of both the paintings and the bars. “In some places, the colour of my paintings is like chocolate,” added Muro, “it is the raw chocolate material, there are many references. I work on my canvases with a spatula, like a master chocolatier” when he tempers chocolate.

In addition to the darker tones, which are clearly reminiscent of dark chocolate, in the painting chosen as the exhibition poster we can also see the crown of red flowers in the girl’s hair, “that can also recall peppers, just by their orange colour”.

Muro: Cioccocrusco is an original idea, it will be successful

“Cioccocrusco is a very special product, delicious, gourmet cuisine”, with a “complex” taste to savour. The interesting thing is that the pepper remains crunchy, and this is very difficult! I expected it to be flaky, but instead it stays crunchy. An original idea, very nice, that will be successful.”

Cioccocrusco: a 360-degree sensory experience

“We created the passe-partout to present our Cruschi Peppers in an innovative, crisp and crunchy way all over the world”. The words of Antonio Cammarota, the CEO of Cioccocrusco, which officially launched its creation, partly  ‘made in Basilicata’ and partly ‘made in Switzerland’, on Sunday 27 January: a bar of dark chocolate encasing small flakes of IGP Senise Cruschi Peppers, which manage to preserve their crunchiness, releasing an intense and unique flavour.  

“We remain firmly rooted in our traditions, but revisiting them in a modern way”; this is an artisanal product created to elicit “a 360-degree sensory experience,” explained Cammarota during the press conference, held at the B&B La Voce del Fiume – A charming historical residence in Brienza.

Cammarota: lots more interesting news coming soon

“In Switzerland, Cioccocrusco has had a very enthusiastic reception, and there are good prospects elsewhere, but we want to keep our feet on the ground”, added Cammarota, before saying  a special thank you to the Swiss master chocolatier Willy Schmutz, “with whom we created and perfected Cioccocrusco. This year, for the third time in a row, Willy was named the top Swiss master chocolatier, and in 2015 he was recognised as one of the best in the world”.

Adobbato: from today, we start telling a new tale of the region

“Today we are inaugurating a new international partnership with Cioccocrusco, fuelled by mutual feelings,” declared Rocchina Adobbato, owner of the B&B La Voce del Fiume – A charming historical residence. “Both Antonio and I love our land, and we want to let the world discover it, make it known through its beauty and products. From today, a new tale of the region is also beginning for this B&B, with Cioccocrusco.

During the press conference, the nutritionist Raffaele Lopardo also spoke about the nutritional characteristics of both the chocolate and the IGP Senise Cruschi Peppers, particularly “rich in vitamin C”, while the sommelier Lucia Telesca selected some wines from the Cantine del Notaio to be enjoyed with Cioccocrusco.

Telesca: Cioccocrusco has highly interesting aromatic qualities

“Biting into the square with your teeth,” said Telesca, “you can really feel the graininess of the hand-chopped Cruschi Peppers, with their varied texture. A sensation that is fully experienced on the palate.”

“You will have different sensations when you taste a square of Cioccocrusco,” beginning with the scent, “from the very intense and interesting aroma” to the “melt-in-your-mouth” cocoa, which releases the flavour of the Cruschi Peppers. “We have managed to create a product with flavours that mix together, but are, at the same time, very distinct and recognisable.”

Last but not least…

Finally, the chef Enza Crucinio presented Cioccocrusco in three different experiments: Cioccorusco Brownie with Metapontino lemon curd and tiny pieces of Senise Cruschi Peppers; creamy Podolica ricotta, crumble with Matera bread, ganache and pieces of Cioccocrusco; Cioccorusco mousse, Lucan raspberries and crunchy pistachio from Stigliano.

“It is important that our guests also eat with their eyes, because the first sensation is visual, followed by taste, but also sound,” explained Crucinio.

Cioccorusco: a discovery in the discovery

From the limited edition bar dedicated to the art world, to the ‘unconventional’ chocolate box, many other novelties are coming out of the world of Cioccocrusco because, as Cammarota says, “it’s not a product being sold, but a story being offered”.

Cioccocrusco: Cruschi Peppers meet Swiss chocolate

The official launch on Sunday 27 January at the B&B La Voce del Fiume – A charming historical residence in Brienza

Cruschi Peppers, typical of Basilicata, have been combined with Swiss chocolate, and the perfect combination of traditions, flavours, passion and innovation created Cioccocrusco. An original product, as intense as it is balanced, which will officially be launched on Sunday 27 January at 4 pm, at the B&B La Voce del Fiume – A charming historical residence in Brienza (PZ).

As well as Cioccocrusco’s creator, the Lucan entrepreneur Antonio Cammarota, the official launch will also see the participation of, among others, Rocchina Adobbato, the founder and owner of the B&B La Voce del Fiume – A charming historical residence, together with experts in the food and wine sector, such as the sommelier Lucia Telesca and the chef Enza Crucinio. Telesca and Crucinio will respectively present the best pairings of Cioccocrusco with wines and spirits, as well as its possible uses in gourmet cuisine.

Before the final tasting, there will be a speech by the nutritionist Raffaele Lopardo, who will describe the characteristics of both the chocolate and the Cruschi Peppers.  

Under the banner of quality and craftsmanship, Cioccocrusco is a unique product of its kind, as the warm and enveloping chocolate notes come together for the first time with whimsical and crunchy IGP Senise peppers, creating a new melody, perfect for any moment.  

The raw materials are rigorously selected, and the processing techniques are designed especially to preserve the properties of each ingredient. The Senise peppers, for example, come only from companies with BIO or IGP recognition. As far as chocolate is concerned, the master chocolatier Willi Schmutz often travels to Madagascar, where he selects the best cocoa.
Basilicata and Switzerland, two identities, two decidedly distant regions, both geographically and in terms of local cultures and traditions, are thus united in a new story, to be discovered and tasted.  

Rocchina Adobbato: Cioccocrusco is a true innovation that reinforces the reputation for high quality of the Lucana region’s products

“Cioccocrusco is a winning combination from every point of view. It won me over immediately; it’s so unique that it really deserves to be tried.” This description of Cioccocrusco comes from Rocchina Adobbato, owner and founder of the B&B La Voce del Fiume – A charming historic residence in Brienza (PZ), which will offer this product, created from the union of crunchy pepper and Swiss chocolate.

“I discovered it by chance on social networks“, said Adobbato. “I was intrigued, and from that moment on I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My judgement is a bit influenced by the fact that these are two products I love: I’m fond of chocolate, especially fondant, and I love Cruschi Peppers, which, of course, I’ve always eaten in all kinds of ways, but this is the first time combined with chocolate”.

“I must admit,” she added, “that the first time I tried it, I didn’t really  savour it because I finished it so quickly! Trying it again later, though, I let it melt in my mouth, and could fully experience the persistent aftertaste of pepper, as well as the crunchiness, which I hadn’t noticed so much at first.”

“For this reason too, I think it’s a product to be tried when you are alone – we have to concentrate, as for any tasting. I was entranced by this combination. It is unique and exclusive.”

How do you recommend enjoying Cioccocrusco?

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s already a dessert in its own right. I wouldn’t combine it with anything else and would finish a meal with it on its own, perhaps with a good full-bodied red wine, maybe Lucan”.

“Cioccocrusco is a truly innovative combination”

“In large retailers,” explained Adobbato, “it’s easy to find chilli chocolate, but this is a completely different product. Finding a chocolate with little pieces of pepper that preserve their crispness is a complete novelty. For this reason alone, if I had to give it a score it would be 10 out of 10, without a shadow of a doubt.”

Cioccocrusco will be officially launched on Saturday, January 26 at the B&B La Voce del Fiume – A charming historical residence. An event which “will promote not only the product itself, but also all its possible combinations”.
“In addition, many other aspects of the Lucana region will be promoted, as an additional key to understanding a region that is already admired for all its IGP, DOC and PDO products. In this case,” she concluded, “it’s a completely innovative product, which gives Basilicata a boost, from what is perhaps its best known and most exclusive product, a true symbol of quality.”

Chef Enza Crucinio: I recommend Cioccocrusco for its intense taste and excellent quality

“Cioccocrusco has an intense taste, I liked it a lot, for this reason I recommend it”.

Chef Enza Crucinio from Lucania highlighted how the intense taste of dark chocolate “of excellent quality” is “enhanced by the bitter and savory aftertaste of Peperone Crusco, with its crunchiness”.

These are characteristics that make this product even more appreciated, said the Chef, who in 2017 participated in the ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ program.

A “positive” detail that immediately surprised the chef, food lover since childhood, is “the contrast of sensations that emanates Cioccocrusco at the first taste. “An original combination and also for this I highly recommend it”.

The best way to taste Cioccocrusco?

“Integral in its original form is definitely the best way to taste all the textures and flavors”.

Vote? “Nine, because everything can be improved ;)”.

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