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About Cioccocrusco

Chocolate + Crusco

Let yourself be tempted by a unique sensory experience: Cioccocrusco is a gourmet chocolate to be savoured with your eyes closed, slowly. The bar, made with the finest cocoa, conceals crisp and fiery red flakes. The flavour is intense, the consistency crunchy. The master chocolatiers have chosen the finest Swiss chocolate and mixed it with sweet Cruschi Peppers, a traditional product of the Lucan region. The production takes place at Casa Nobile, a chocolate shop known all over the world for its skilled craftsmanship and high quality cocoa. Cioccocrusco is an extraordinary combination of two highly regarded but very dissimilar ingredients, creating a new and intense flavour, which will intoxicate your senses.

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Lucan Tradition

Cruschi Peppers

What would be the result if the Swiss chocolate tradition was combined with a traditional Lucan product, a pepper that has been cultivated for centuries in the Pollino National Park and was imported by the Arabs in the Middle Ages? Two traditions coming face to face; North and South uniting and giving life to an innovative product with a unique and captivating flavour. Like Swiss chocolate, which has a tradition rooted in that country, Cruschi Peppers have also been awarded the IGP seal, and can only be grown in Basilicata.

Swiss Tradition


Imagine a river of chocolate sliding voluptuously towards the moulds, its full-bodied colour, its spicy scent and the experience of Swiss master chocolatiers who have made it one of the world's most popular products. Chocolate is a traditional Swiss speciality, the result of many centuries spent testing and refining the original recipe, before arriving at the final result that everyone is now familiar with. There are different types of chocolate, what you have to imagine is the best Swiss chocolate, made by the master chocolatiers, who have made it famous all over the world.

When Swiss chocolate meets the Cruschi Peppers, it creates Cioccocrusco, an exclusive high quality product that aims to bring together, in a single product, two very geographically distant places, but using a traditional product from each region.

The taste of chocolate with a Cruschi Peppers centre.
North and south that meet and blend to make an intense and spicy whole!

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