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    Here are a few testimonials from customers who have tried Cioccocrusco!

    • Sommelier & Founder “Woman in Wine”

      Lucia Telesca

      Cioccocrusco is continuous experimentation in the search for perfect combinations. A unique, superior quality product in the culinary world. The union of two elements that merge together to provide us with a gustatory sensation and a rare pleasure.

    • CEO & Founder “Pianeta Sud”

      Raffaele Cammarota

      A very original and well-balanced flavour. A first-class mix of tradition and quality. One of the best chocolates I've ever tasted, with its Cruschi Peppers that stay crunchy in the mouth. Congratulations on this completely new product that combines Swiss quality chocolate with Lucan products.

    • Nutritional Biologist

      Cristina Inzinza

      A superior product with a distinctive taste. A union of two ingredients that enhance each other, bringing out their respective properties. The chocolate is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, a source of theobromine and tyramine, while the Cruschi Peppers are a source of Vitamins A, E and K.

    • Le guide di Repubblica - Romantic storyteller and seeker of food and wine in the suburbs

      Rocco Catalano

      Only for Golosi Atomici. For those who can't be without a chocolate bar in their mouth, a "Crusco" is forever. (A very fine chocolate, produced from the best cocoa beans and crafted by one of the most important Swiss artisan chocolatiers, is blended with the extraordinary taste of Senise Pepper. The result is a sensory journey which is veeeery #porn).

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      Jam Grill House - Milano (MI)

      Taverna Rovita - Maratea (PZ)

      La Voce del Fiume - Brienza (PZ)

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