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General Terms & Conditions of Sale

The following General Terms & Conditions of Sale regulate the offer and sale of products on this website

The products marketed on the Website (Products) are offered and sold by Cioccocrusco, with registered office at Feldstandstrasse, 18 – 8590 Romanshorn (Switzerland) +41 341 485 429.

The sale of Products through the Website constitutes a distance agreement governed by Legislative Decree No. 206, 6 September 2005 (Consumer Code) and Legislative Decree No. 70, 9 April 2003, containing the guidelines for electronic commerce.

You can request information, send messages, request assistance or forward complaints, by contacting Cioccocrusco by email, at the address

Italian is the only language in which these General Terms & Conditions of Sale are provided, as well as the one available to you for the conclusion of the agreement to purchase Products on the Website.

You can view and print the General Terms & Conditions of Sale in force at any time by accessing the Website page

The concluded agreement will be archived on the Cioccocrusco server.


“Online Agreement” means the distance agreement which applies to the purchase of goods stipulated between Cioccocrusco, with registered office at Feldstandstrasse, 18 – 8590 Romanshorn (Switzerland) +41 341 485 429, hereinafter called the “Supplier”, and a Customer, be they a Consumer or a Professional, within a distance sales system, organised by the Supplier, which uses only Internet technology.

All Online Agreements are concluded directly by the Customer accessing the corresponding Internet site at


The agreement stipulated between the Supplier and the Customer must be considered concluded upon the Supplier’s acceptance of the order.

This acceptance is communicated to the Customer by emailing the Order Confirmation.

The Customer, placing an order in the manner set out, as per the following article, declares they have read all the information provided to them during the purchase procedure and, consequently, fully accept the general terms & conditions of sale and the payment methods indicated below.

The inclusion of false and/or fictitious personal data within the data collection forms necessary to complete the order is strictly prohibited.

It is also forbidden to enter the data on behalf of third parties, or to make multiple registrations for a single Customer.


Pursuant to and for the effects of Art. 12 of Legislative Decree No.70/2003 and of the Consumer Code, a description follows of the procedure the Customer must follow to make a valid purchase order.

– Visit the Cioccocrusco Website at

– Search for the desired product using the relevant navigation menu

– To place the order, click on the PRODUCT

– Select “BUY”

– When the Product has been selected, it is added to the Customer’s “shopping cart”

– Proceed with the order by selecting “BUY”, or continue with the purchase of other products by selecting “CONTINUE PURCHASE”: the system displays a page for delivery and billing details.

– Once the information has been entered, select “COMPLETE PURCHASE” and it will automatically move on to the “ORDER SUMMARY” page

– To correct and/or change the order, select the “CART” option, then make the desired changes to the order and select “Update”. Please note that only when the “Update” function is selected does the system record the changes made to the order.

– Choose the payment method desired from among those offered by the system, to complete the order

– The choice of payment by PayPal is followed by connection to the relevant PayPal site, controlled directly by PayPal. The completed agreement will be stored, and printed in hard copy, on the Supplier’s premises. The Customer can view the archived agreement by sending a request to the email address

The Supplier reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse, in the interest and for the protection of all Customers.

Once the online purchase procedure has been concluded, the Customer must print or save an electronic copy and, in any case, keep these general terms & conditions of sale in compliance with the provisions of Article 50 and following of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer Code), concerning distance sales.

The Supplier’s forwarding of the Order Confirmation implies the Customer’s full knowledge and full acceptance of them.

The Supplier disclaims any liability for damages, either on a contractual or non-contractual basis, incurred by the Customer or third parties due to non-acceptance, even partial, of an order by the Supplier.


All sales prices of the products and shown on the site are inclusive of VAT.

The prices of the Products are subject to change, at the Supplier’s discretion.

Once the Customer has ordered the Product, the price will not change.

To the product prices must be added the delivery costs that will be calculated and displayed online. The cost of transportation, both national and international, is shown on the relevant page of the Website at the time the order is made, which the Customer must check before confirming the purchase, and will be entirely responsible for.

The Customer can only purchase the Products in the catalogue at the time of placing the order and viewable online at, as described on the relevant information pages.

It should be noted that the images shown together with the technical descriptions are for illustrative purposes only, and may not always be exactly representative of the products’ specifications.

The images and descriptions on the Website show the Products as faithfully as possible. However, the colours of the Products may differ from the actual colours due to the settings of the computer systems or computers used by the Buyer to view them. Furthermore, the images of the Product on the Product Page may differ in size. These images must, therefore, be understood as indicative and as a guide only.


The Customer can only purchase the products indicated in the electronic catalogue provided, available at Products can be purchased only within the limits of the quantity available in the warehouse.

If any Products requested by the Customer is no longer available in the warehouse, either temporarily or permanently, the customer will be contacted by the Supplier via email or telephone. The Supplier will inform the Customer how long it will be before the Product will be available again.


The Supplier does not assume any responsibility for disruptions to service due to force majeure and/or unforeseeable events such as, but not limited to, accidents, thefts and/or robberies suffered both by the Supplier and by the Courier responsible for delivery, fires, explosions, strikes and/or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that prevent, in whole or in part, execution of the Agreement in the agreed time and manner.

The Supplier also disclaims any liability in relation to damages, losses and/or costs incurred as a result of failure to execute the agreement due to the aforementioned causes, and the Customer shall be entitled only to a refund of the money already paid.


The purchase of the Products on the Website may take place with or without registration on the Website. Registering on the Website is free. To register on the Website, access the Website’s home page, click on the “Create new account” button and fill in the relevant form. After that, you will receive an email from Cioccocrusco confirming your registration and containing the credentials with which you can access the site.

In accordance with Legislative Decree No. 70, 9 April 2003, containing provisions on electronic commerce, Cioccocrusco informs you that to conclude the agreement to purchase one or more Products on the Website, you will have to fill out an order form in electronic format and send it to Cioccocrusco, electronically, following the instructions that appear on the Website at that time, and that will accompany the various stages of the purchase.

After placing one or more Products in the “Cart”,  and before submitting the order, you can check, and if necessary, modify and/or correct, the data entered in your order. By clicking on the “Buy” button you place a binding order. The agreement is confirmed when the order form reaches the Cioccocrusco server.

After Cioccocrusco has received the order form, you will receive the order confirmation from Cioccocrusco, containing the special conditions applicable to the agreement as well as information concerning the specifications of the Products purchased, a detailed indication of the price, the means of payment used, information on the delivery costs (if applicable) and any additional costs, as well as contact details you can use to get assistance or submit complaints. It is recommended that you keep the email received as proof of purchase.

The order confirmation will also contain links to the pages on the Website where you can view the General Terms & Conditions of Sale and information about the right of withdrawal, the standard instructions on withdrawal and the withdrawal form.

The order form will be stored in the Cioccocrusco database for the time necessary to process the order and, in any case, as prescribed by law. If you are registered with the Website, you can access your order form by consulting the “Your orders” section of the Website, where you will find a list of all orders placed. If you are not registered with the Website, you can receive information about the orders placed by contacting Cioccocrusco and providing the order number included in the email.

The Products will remain the property of Cioccocrusco until payment of the Combined Total has been made. The risk of loss or damage to the Products, due to reasons not attributable to Cioccocrusco, however, will be transferred to you when you, or a third party designated by you and different from the carrier, come into physical possession of the Products.

Cioccocrusco will process the purchase order, and deliver the products purchased, only after receiving confirmation of the payment authorisation for the Combined Total. In the event that the Overall Total is not paid or the successful outcome of the payment is not confirmed, the purchase agreement will consequently be terminated as of right, pursuant to and for the purposes of Art. 1456 CC. Email notification of this termination and the resulting cancellation of the order will be sent immediately after transmission of the order.

These General Terms & Conditions of Sale are subject to change at any time.

Any changes and/or new conditions will come into force from the time of their publication on the Website. For this reason, you are asked to check the Website regularly and consult, before making any purchase, the most up-to-date version of the General Terms & Conditions of Sale.

The applicable terms and conditions are those in force on the date the purchase order is submitted.
For any dispute or action arising from these General Terms & Conditions of Sale, the place of jurisdiction is: St. Gallen. Federal judges are elected by the Federal Assembly, taking into consideration linguistic, regional and political differences.

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