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Christmas is coming, celebrate it with the unique flavour of Cioccocrusco

Christmas is celebrated with sweetness and, as tradition dictates, on every table, in addition to pandoro and panettone, you must have some good chocolate, especially if it’s Cioccocrusco.

To make your holidays even more tasty and original, the Standard and Gold bars are perfect to enjoy after lunch – perhaps along with a coffee – after dinner or even during the day.

With its spicy and balanced taste, Cioccocrusco is a perfect union of flavours and aromas which is hard to resist, the result of the winning combination of Swiss chocolate and Cruschi Peppers, which surprisingly manages to retain its crunchiness, giving each bar an unmistakable consistency.

For a Christmas full of sweetness and flavour, choose Cioccocrusco

Cioccocrusco is the ideal dessert to end a meal with because, thanks to its intense, yet at the same time delicate character, it remains pleasing to the palate, with an exquisite aftertaste, gradually revealing new notes that blend perfectly with one other.For an original Christmas surprise, give someone the Cioccocrusco “chest“, with lots of bars inside to enjoy with your loved ones. Want to learn more? Wait for the next Cioccocrusco news, or visit the website

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