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Behind the scenes at Cioccocrusco: from product research to producing the bars

Rigorously selected raw materials, products made with respect for tradition and quality, techniques studied ad hoc to preserve the properties of each ingredient: this is how Cioccocrusco was created, combining Swiss chocolate with Cruschi Peppers, a traditional product of Basilicata.

The Senise peppers come exclusively from companies with BIO or IGP recognition and with whom we have established relationships over the years. As far as chocolate is concerned, the master chocolatier Willi Schmutz often travels to Madagascar, where he selects the best cocoa.

What are the different stages in producing Cioccocrusco?

While the sweet pepper is finely chopped, the Madagascar cocoa chocolate is tempered. After that, the chocolate is combined with the crusco, and a pinch of salt and a tiny bit of pepper is added.
Finally, using a piping bag, the moulds are filled.

A product characterised by its taste and craftsmanship

Each stage of producing Cioccocrusco is performed exclusively by hand,” said the master chocolatier Schmutz, reminding us that “Cruschi Peppers and Nobile dark chocolate are two products of the highest quality. Cioccocrusco is a winning combination, capable of enhancing the characteristics of all the raw materials involved.”

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